Valérie Herbin

Valérie Herbin

Valérie Herbin



Valérie Herbin “We only see well with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eye “. The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. This sentence could summarize Valérie’s artistic approach her work which focuses on the instinctive and aesthetic visual. In love with the Earth and the light, she gives us a rare look through her photographs. She marvels, captures, enlightens, immortalizes and makes us share what the layman would not see. It provokes the observer, putting him in confusion: painting? photography ? it does not matter because nature is an artist. And that is the message she wants us to pass. The important thing is the emotion and the pleasure of the observer of this lighting of an ephemeral work. Valérie was born in PARIS and has been living in Casablanca, Morocco for 17 years. She did not choose this destination by chance, country of light and exacerbated colors. She lived in Central and Equatorial Africa, where she deepened her work on the light or rather the lights of Africa for four years. Although light is the common denominator of her painting and photographs, the contrast is surprising. Her painting would be what remains of Urban: taggeuse bomb on wood or canvas. The research is nonetheless always very interior since it consists in emerging by scratching the lower pigment … the search for the inner beauty visible with the heart.


2016 - Catalog Integration Design By Jaler
Permanent artist
Marrakech COP22 (November 2016) - Brussels (end of November 2016)
2016 - 2017
Casablanca, Paris Arts Viaduct (May 2016, March 2017) - Milan (May-June 2016, March 2017)


Analog photography80%
Digital photo90%

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