Artist Focus – Carole Pavio

Carole PAVIO, born in Lorraine in 1980, lives and works in the South of France since 2002. Passionate about art and design since her childhood, it is in 1996 that Carole PAVIO takes her first courses of watercolor and in 1998 her art therapy classes that will lead her to a geometric, minimalist abstract style.

Artist : Carole Pavio
Skills : Plastic artist
News - Creation of heartsSeries »RAINBOW HEART»


My originality is my unique signature: the mastery of colors and the precision of the lines give a particular energy to the works.

The work is almost alive; it is at the same time very abstract and so full of life and energy.

My intention is that my works have vocations to illuminate and enlighten the life of each, whatever the decorum. My deep motivation is twofold.

First of all I nourish my irresistible desire of creation and the second is the surpassing of oneself. I always try to push my limits in creation and out of my artistic comfort. What can distinguish me from others is my modernity. I notice during my exhibitions and my meetings that I touch everyone, in one way or another.

Touching compliments from kids, old people or people with a profile to buy more classic works that are conquered by my art. It’s a great reward to see everyone in my artistic universe. I am also distinguished by my practice of art that pushes me not to limit myself to the creation and presentation of works.

Each of my exhibitions is a staging: we not only see works hanging on a wall, but also the staging of the exhibition becomes a work of art.

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