The Louvre Abu Dhabi

Louvre Abu Dhabi, according to the transliteration used by the museum in its official publications in French, is a museum inaugurated on November 8, 2017 and open to the public on November 11, the creation of an intergovernmental agreement signed on March 6, 2007 between the France and the emirate of Abu Dhabi, which the Louvre museum installs in an architecture entrusted to the French architect Jean Nouvel.

It is part of a cultural district under construction on the island of Saadiyat where it must mix with three other museums, still under construction, a branch of the University of New York, a palace and luxury residences.

SubjectThe Louvre Abu Dhabi
Opening yearNovember 2017
CountryUnited Arab Emirates


The architectural firm Pascall + Waston collaborated with Jean Nouvel to create the Louvre Abu Dhabi, which opened its doors to the public on Saturday 11 November 2017.

As Executive Architects since 2009, the Abu Dhabi and London P + W teams have developed the detailed design, specifications for the construction and production of a complex Revit 3D model used as a team tool. design and engineering.

Louvre Abu Dhabi is part of a series of galleries and museums on the island of Saadiyat and will house works of art from around the world, with a universal focus on shared human histories across civilizations and cultures.

The project consists of a series of connected gallery spaces, totaling 8000 M2 surrounded by seawater and largely covered by a large dome of 180 M diameter, supported by four pillars.

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